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Welcome to Granny’s Kitchen

Some of my fondest memories are with Grandma in her kitchen on the farm, mixing up a cake and learning how to knead dough. Over the years, we have seen a change in the kitchen and the community where the traditional roles have changed along with how we cook.

The importance of cooking healthy, well-balanced meals is still vital to the ongoing wellbeing of the family and so, Granny’s Kitchen was created!

Granny’s Kitchen provides a relaxed learning environment for:

  • Easy and healthy Thermomix cooking   
  • Basic kitchen skills for kids
  • Cooking Birthday Parties for kids
  • Cooking delicious, easy recipes with a Thermomix
  • Hands on Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes

Get back to the basics and join me in Granny’s Kitchen to make the food we most like to eat at home. You will be in demand at barbecues once you have been equipped with skills. Staying in for dinner, looks like it’s on the cards and lunch boxes will be easy to fill with yummy food that kids will just love. Age is no barrier when it comes to cooking. Granny’s Kitchen has a class to suit everyone.

Check out our upcoming classes below and book your spot today.